Recent studies have shown the rapid adoption of digital software applications worldwide.

However, researches are yet to fully understand user’s rationale of eHealth systems. Therefore, the objective of this study is to analyze user attitudes to eHealth application in China and eHealth system in Ukraine, and then provide insights and suggestions to the development of an eHealth application (eZdorovya) for health information services in general. The study includes a survey conducted by Chinese and Ukrainian users, after which thorough data analysis was conducted. Based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this research framework explores the influence of socio-technical factors affecting user’s adoption of eHealth functionalities. Serial Multiple Mediator Model 9 (SMMM6) and a deep neural network-based approach were used to analyze the eHealth’s software user’s rationale with the sample size of survey 236 end-users from China and 124 end-users from Ukraine.

Even with a small dataset, our neural network shows highly accurate prediction results (up to 90%);

– predicted the willingness to continue using and eHealth user’s behavior;

– advises in the rationality of investments in the functional, interface or media-promotion for eHealthcare providers (significant, insignificant investments or without any) for each predicted variable based on consumer’s Attitude, Importance, Satisfaction, and Interest.

This research was conducted by CHIO and individual DNN code was created by Data Scientists team, Prodintelligence.

The article recently received the Outstanding Paper Award by Beijing Technology and Business University.

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