Definition of the emotional state of the writer

Emotions AI

AI-motions is an innovative platform for the deep analysis of the informational field. The platform analyses the tone of communication and defines the emotional state of the writer – negative/positive.

Informational field analytics (text and voice) include the following formats:

Social media analytics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

news TV news channels and radio news stations.

youtubeYouTube news channels.

The platform tracks informational field in real time using key words defined by the client.

The applicable areas:


  • Politics and election: mentioning of the political party, campaigns or personalities.
  • Business: monitoring brand awareness and defining the tone of the conversation.
  • Informational security – system can alert about and track information attack, the activation of bots and negative comments. 


1 hour, 1 day,
1 month

Custom dashboards to track informational field activity

More than
20K words

The platform includes a wide range of words


Possibility to add any language

How it works

how it work

Project example


Keywords list


with results

48 words

Maximum lent of the phrase for analytics

3 weeks

Project implementation time

128 neurons

Inside of the platform

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