Prodintelligence developed a state-of-the-art platform based on machine learning technology. The system automatically ranks potential anomalies and brings the most likely outliers to the top of the list in real-time.
Our platform specifically designed to minimize maintenance costs.

It’s applicable for:

  • Fraud transaction identification – against money laundering.
  • User’s behavior prediction and client’s categorization – for more effectively targeting the right areas for business development and driving more sales towards their bottom line.
  • Trading platform for price prediction.
  • Information field analysis (as a part of fundamental analysis).
  • Understanding of spoken language to accurately transcribe sales conversations between a branch colleague and a customer, and then undertake sentiment and other analysis to understand the quality of the conversation – both from a regulatory standpoint.
  • Video Analytics: help extract critical insights, help speed up reaction times and ultimately drive better business decisions. Understand sentiment of customers, by utilizing facial expression analysis. Are customers happy, sad, annoyed etc.

Improve security by identifying known fraudsters or suspicious items or behavior. Video analytics solutions can help identify suspicious behavior (such as repeat loitering)