Breakthrough innovation in X-ray image recognition


High-level security with data encryption

Transmit your content securely using the PanLocker – innovative data encryption platform. Our service provides security and high-level confidentiality of your sensitive content that can only be accessed by a user with the correct encryption key.


Deep Learning Studio is a part of Neural Networks Lab where we also conduct scientific researches based on AI. We provide Machine Learning as a service (MLaaS) by creating industries’ specific AI platforms with such functionalities as:


Right information at key decision making points is critical for any industry as well as speed which also play an important role. As speedup in decision-making is essential so you can increase insight while reduce time to insight with a help of our AI solutions.

Solving the challenges

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AI and ML As-a-service

Automated Defect Recognition

Quality control and anomaly detection in the manufacturing workflow. Intelligent defect recognition by Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Object classification and Object identification.

Deep Learning Studio

Neural network platform for forecast in Healthcare, Finance, Automotive and other industries with no dependency from cloud based solutions.

Deep Neural Network for R&D: Scientific research and analysis

We create individual DNN for each type of researches.

Data Labeling

Image and video annotation services for machine learning and AI.

Image recognition

Up to 95% accuracy in image recognition for Lifesciences, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing.

Tone of speech

Emotions and tone analytics for text, reviews, SoMe, videos.


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+3725 4553639

+3725 4553639

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Digital Transformation is Easy with Right Partners. We use our experience and power of digital to facilitate innovation journeys and develop the future of society together with our clients.

We guide companies in ways to foster growth and profitability through innovative technologies, marketing, sales and market access initiatives and processes.

We care about your current ecosystem to activate innovating practices faster. Discover how Prodintelligence can help you to become more agile, more adaptive and efficient with Digital Transformation.

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Inhouse neural network - no dependency on cloud

Experienced team – AI certified experts

Industries specific complex solutions

Aleksandr Lesyk


More than 10 years’ experience at the intersection of strategy, marketing and technology. He is passionate about reinventing customer engagement through technology. Thrived at the intersection of commercial operations, analytics & digital, at forefront of data driven, customer centric transformations.
15 years’ experience in the Information Technology and Engineering arena. Professional in cybersecurity, machine learning and blockchain. AI Certified Expert.

Tanya Lushchuk


Digital transformation strategist & advisor with strong background in CRM, CLM, and Procurement technologies. Tanya has more than 10 years’ experience in PR and Marketing, worked with global Life Science, Telecom, and TECH companies. She has launched Women in Tech EMEA initiative and became one of the top Salesforce Trailblazers. Her favorite business quote is: “Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.”




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